Ihsaan Designs

Graphic & Web Design For Service Based Businesses

Hi, I’m Ihsaan.

I’m a graphic and web designer based in Newark, NJ. I’m also the face of Ihsaan Designs, which is the Solopreneur Design Studio that I started in 2016. Ihsaan Designs uses strategic design to help service based businesses present themselves to the people they serve.

If Ihsaan Designs were a person, it would be that Uber driver that leaves water and mints in the back seat for all her passengers…Not because it gets her more tips, but because it just feels right.


Branding & Identity Design

Why do your customers choose you over their other options? What makes you different than your competitors? A well branded presentation to your ideal customer always answers these questions. Your brand identity should be informing the way you present yourself on your business card, letterhead, brochures, and every other medium. 

Web Design

An effective website for a service based business motivates your visitor to take action (or as digital marketing savvy people like to say; “convert”). Depending on your chosen digital marketing strategy, that action can be submitting a contact form, scheduling an appointment, or joining your mailing list. 

Digital Marketing Content Design

You may be familiar with the term “content is king”. What you may not realize is that every time you communicate about your business online, you are creating content. What makes the difference between content that helps your business and content that just feels like busy work is the strategy informing it and its optimization for the platform you’re on.

Print Collateral Design

When you’re meeting new people and talking to them about your business, you want to be equipped with tools that do some of the talking for you. Generally, we call these tools print collateral. Print collateral looks like business cards, brochures, rack cards, flyers, etc. Ihsaan Designs can help in this area with well designed ready for print graphics that reflect your brand and make a great impression.

Presenting your services

In the world of business, service providers are unique because more often than not, their product is a piece of their self. Providing a service means offering your expertise, experience, and labor for the benefit of others. I happen to think that’s very special.

One of the biggest challenges that we face during our service entrepreneur journey is figuring out how to present ourselves and our brands to the people that we serve. Let’s face it; In this day and age there are so many virtual and physical spaces where we have to make our presentation.

When you hire Ihsaan Designs, you have an experienced, collaborative, and knowledgeable partner to design your presentation for you. That’s the value proposition of my design studio.

Recent Work


Walter Fortson, CEO of FECT Services

“This entire process has taken a serious load off my shoulders, and working with Ihsaan has been a pleasure. He really ensures that you’re satisfied and will not accept anything less. I highly recommend going with Ihsaan for your design and visual brand identity needs!”

Lennox Mars, Mars Premier Care

“Ihsaan Designs over delivered on all the items I have asked for. We sat down in our first initial meeting and kept in constant contact throughout the creative process and created a product that exceeded my expectations. He is a talented professional and cares about his client.”

Aya Ngina, Aya's Natural Treasures

I needed a user friendly website that served customers well. My customers have only given good feedback regarding the new site. I’m now at ease with the site and feel more comfortable with the admin side of things. Sometimes it’s scary learning new formats, but this was a simplistic process.

Let’s talk.

You can use the following form to tell me a bit more about your brand and your design needs. From there, I’ll be in touch to schedule a no charge no obligation call where we can discover how I may be able to serve you. I look forward to hearing from you!