Determining Your Brand’s Core Values

by | Nov 18, 2017 | Branding | 2 comments

Your Business’s Personality

Let’s pretend that you are a potential client of Ihsaan Designs and we’ve just hopped on the phone to conduct an initial consultation. I’ve come to realize that when someone that does the kind of visual design work that I do, they usually have some idea as to what it is that they’d like me to do for them. Most often that looks like “I need social media marketing” or “I’d like someone to create a new website for my company”, etc.

Regardless of whether the initial need relates to a website, a logo, social media, or something else altogether, I start each consultation with some variation of the same question: what is your brand’s core values? Stated simply, what are the ideas or traits that tend to drive the way you communicate with your audience and the experience that you want them to have as a result of that communication?

Another way to think of this is that different brands have different personalities, much like different people do. Part of my job is to help you define what yours is. Once we define what your brand’s core values are, we can be intentional about everything that you want to say, do, and offer your audience. Ultimately, your brand identity and core values can influence everything from the accent color of your website, the language you use in your brochures, or even the age range that your content is most appropriate for.

The Ihsaan Designs brand’s core values

To give you a more concrete example of how your brand’s core values influence your business, I’ll share some things about my brand, Ihsaan Designs. When I initially envisioned Ihsaan Designs, it wasn’t called Ihsaan Designs (lol), but I knew that the brand I started would be personal (as in literally centered around me as a person), creative, and a bit humorous. My style of business is heavily influenced by the generosity of digital influencer rockstars that came before me like Gary VaynerchukTerry Henry, and Ashley Dixon. If you’re unfamiliar, I suggest you check them out. I like to think that I go the extra mile to create the most value that I can for my clients and that I carry myself with an air of professionalism and ethics that makes me deserving of your trust.

You may have guessed by now that each word I’ve written in bold font is one of my personal brand’s core values. On a much more subtle level, you may also notice that my brand’s story and my brand’s core values are closely connected. The authenticity of a brand comes to the fore when these values are displayed consistently over time. If you’re stuck as to what your core values might be, it helps to start by closely examining your history and why it is that you’re doing what you’re doing in the first place.

So, what are your brand’s core values? Share them in the comments below! Unsure? Even better! We can talk through it! Also, don’t forget to subscribe if you found this post useful!