Why Your Brand is EVERYTHING

by | Nov 18, 2017 | Branding, Marketing Communications | 0 comments


In 2017, every business owner should know that they need a nice logo and website. If they’re savvy, they may even know that they need a social media presence and must be easy to find via google.

However, what’s even more important than any one of these things is branding.

Whether a business owner knows it or not, a business’s brand is the spiritual origin of everything that it does. Every well designed brand draws from a set of core guiding principles and purposefully infuses those principles into every step of the customer experience. Stated simply, your brand is everything.

Your brand is every social media interaction, every word on your website, and every experience that people associate with your business. This is the case whether you’re conscious of it or not. As business owners, it is imperative that we be purposeful in insuring that everything we do falls in line with the way that we want to be perceived and that the way we’re perceived falls in line with our core values.

Furthermore, in a crowded and competitive marketplace, a brand stands for how you’re different than the next business.

The brand is shorthand. It stands for something… A strong brand stands out in a crowded marketplace… Ineffective brands undermine success… differentiation is imperative. Brand identity is the visual and verbal expression of a brand. from: Designing Brand Identity – Alina Wheeler

If you’re a new business owner that’s struggling to differentiate your brand from your competitors, you need to ask yourself a few questions. What am I providing that’s of value to my ideal customers? What do I want people to associate with me? In your elevator speech, what’s the most important things that you absolutely must mention? In the midst of that discussion, you find the essence from which all things flow.

Do you have any branding related questions? What’s your business’s brand? Leave a comment below and join the discussion!